🍓 known as amitie, or catt
🍓 21yo, white, nby lesbian
🍓 no pronouns preferred, ey/it aux
💾 nes < my girlfriend
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🍊 condone romanticizing pedo, incest, csa, etc in fiction, sexualize minors or are complacent of people who do. block me and do not let me interact with you. this is the most important point. read more here

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- 16 and under. just follow my art or translation account
- don't believe fiction affects reality, identify as pro-ship, you know the deal
- are averse to seeing "politics"/current events on your timeline

- i never stop talking. this site is my diary and has been since 2013. i will never shut up. this is your only warning
- please sb when unfollowing
- i'm often playfully mad or snarky. i use /s liberally and try to as much as possible if i think intent will get muddled but 99% of what i put on twitter is jokes, for the bit
- i reclaim the d slur and sometimes use it to refer to myself. mute it if you really don't wanna see it
- currently twitter public enemy #1 and known for getting locked/suspended over jokes caught by twitter's shitty algorithm. if you're wondering why i remake so often this is why. it's not to intentionally cause trouble for myself or my followers or anyone who has me blocked lol
- if i softblocked you it's probably because you put too much shit i didn't want to see on my tl (dumb discourse, drama about people i don't care about, etc)

- sometimes i sb mutuals if the pH of my timeline isn't quite right. i promise it's nothing personal or i would've hardblocked
- talk to me like an adult if i do something wrong or slight you. i don't bite
- you are not entitled to my stance on every discourse topic imaginable

all my homies love trans women and non-dysphoric trans people.
advocate of loving supporting and listening to bipoc.

name's amitie. most folks call me ami. i also go by catt. born 08.07.2002. idiot looking to escape to the refuge of ohio. japanese-to-english translator, creator and consumer of art, training entertainer. citrus fruit gijinka. enjoys eating carbs, compiling data, and thinking gay thoughts. needs to brush its teeth more.

i'm chronically ill and am considered mentally disabled. i'm nonbinary, specifically "maverique" and prefer my name used in place of my pronouns. i use ey/em or it/its as auxiliary sets. i'm also a genderweird butch. i'm an aroace lesbian and if you don't like that, die i guess.

my ideal major is japanese studies and i translate J>E independently. i'm also a "content creator" of art and the occasional writing. previously i was considering an education in the chemistry and less recently the performing arts. currently attending college for a degree in liberal arts with a focus in social science. unironically, my dream is to move to ohio to enroll in university and complete my japanese curriculum.my hobbies include talking to myself on the internet and getting up my ass about language like every other liberal arts major. somewhat jaded moderator of the english language azure striker gunvolt fandom wikia since 2019.i also like cats a lot. i have been known to devolve into a babytalking voice when i see people's animals. i like them. show me your animals

i dont have much else to say i'm working on getting a neocities page up where i can go off in a more unrestricted environment

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🍹 art & writing
🍹 media analysis/critique
🍹 english/japanese linguistics
🍹 music theory and composition
🍹 performing arts
🍹 jesters and clowns
🍹 some classic literature (esp gothic)
🍹 merch/material collection

🍩 yalluminati and misc plott anime
🍩 saikyo kamizmode
🍩 inazuma eleven
🍩 tokusatsu + precure
🍩 yugioh
🍩 revue starlight
🍩 sk8 the infinity
🍩 chucky 2021, for some fucking reason
🍩 various hobbyani + misc. toons

🍵 A3!
🍵 azure striker gunvolt
🍵 ace attorney
🍵 on a sam and max kick recently
🍵 minecraft
🍵 read only memories
🍵 splatoon
🍵 puyo puyo
🍵 various mobage

ami 21yo
no pronouns/ey/it, nonbi lesbian
emoji: 🌼 when sharing front
core/The OG
hai i'm ami
kin: oh you know ;)

angel/selas, adult
she/they/ey, lesbian
emoji: 🎐/🎹/🎼
protector/academic alter
tachibana kanade fictive (formerly)
kin: minato yukina, sea fairy cookie, lisette

zeo 15yo
he/xe/it, gay trans man
emoji: ⚓/🚀/☂️
co-core/chillax alter
kin: ecolo, gandales baran, ai (vrains), metabee
carrd + tumblr

cianan, teenager
emoji: 🗝️/🎗️
protector (???)
minaho kazuto fictive
kin: hasegawa langa


neco-arc from video games

the queen of hatred magical girl from lobocorp

catgirl hatsune miku from project sekai

fujimiya kazane from normal carqd game anime

hack of channel (when @NesWrites is saburou from shows)

da cheat from homsar

rarepair & obscurity city
- merak💛teseo (azure striker gunvolt)
- gibril💛elise (azure striker gunvolt)
- hack💛saburou (secret society yalluminati)
- gao mikado💛raremaro tefudanokimi (future card buddyfight)
- parad💛graphite (kamen rider ex-aid)
- kazuto minaho💛gandales baran (inazuma eleven go galaxy)
- ringo andou💛amitie (puyo puyo)
- bird kazami💛ekusu kurosu (beyblade x)

ships with names you might actually care about
- giorno giovanna💛pannacotta fugo (vento aureo)
- kumon hyodo💛azami izumida (a3!)
- reki kyan💛langa hasegawa (sk8 the infinity)
- marcille donato💛falin touden (dungeon meshi)

as a dyke, i possess an acquired taste for obscure m/m

before you scroll i wan tyou to know that i am compeltely normal and regular